Although we can offer instruction and enrichment in all subjects, we focus primarily on reading, writing and math.

Literacy is the foundation for all disciplines and reading, writing, and math are the core fundamentals of education. All other disciplines are more accessible for children who have experienced literacy-rich environments. Without the ability to read and write proficiently, other subject areas may become a challenge for students.

Writing equips us with skills for communication and abstract thought. Our writing expresses who we are as people while fostering our ability to express our thoughts and share them in an insightful way. Many children and adults struggle with trying to get their words on paper. Developing strong writing skills and practices will in the long-term make a child an efficient and literate writer.

Math is all around us and an integral part of our world. Math helps us think analytically and develop better reasoning abilities, both skills essential to problem solving. Most students are able to perform basic mathematic functions with practice.  However, when it comes to solving problems based on a real-life scenario, students often struggle with how to apply the skills that they have learned. When a student struggles to solve a math word problem, poor reading abilities are often the cause. When reading, writing and arithmetic skills are instilled and integrated in the early years, children generally demonstrate higher academic achievement and even higher cognitive ability scores years later.