Handwriting & Dysgraphia

Why Children Struggle

  • A child may have fine motor problems that affect handwriting.
  • Holding the pencil incorrectly. If the pencil is not held the right way, your child will have pain in their hands, wrists or fingers.
  • Applying excessive or inadequate pressure when writing.
  • Difficulty in letter and sizing formation, spacing of words, sense of direction.
  • Inconsistency in use of upper- and lower-case letters.

How do we address these problems?

  • Our approach focuses on the correct formation, size, spacing and placement of letters.
  • We offer a variety of writing instruments to enhance motivation and interest in the writing process.
  • We incorporate activities beyond the structured lessons to reinforce skills.
  • We offer and encourage non-writing activities that develop fine motor control and the pincer grip.