Why Children Struggle

  • Many children struggle with math simply because they have been introduced to it in an abstract form, through workbooks, text and chalkboards.
  • Children who learn math by rote often have little or no real understanding of mathematical concepts and lack the ability to put skills to use in everyday life.

How do we address these problems?

  • The Montessori approach offers a logical strategy for helping children understand and develop a solid foundation in math and geometry.
  • Montessori uses hands-on learning materials that allow students to explore mathematical concepts in clear and concrete ways.
  • Working with these materials, a child can literally see and feel what is taking place during each process, engaging all of her senses to enhance the effect.
  • Most of the materials are self-correcting, allowing the child to explore without fear of failure, and to focus on understanding the process rather than the final product.
  • The Montessori approach promotes a true love for math, a clear understanding of its purpose and a genuine interest in exploring difficult and challenging concepts.