Who We Are

Founder – Dorothy Knox


  • Early Childhood Teaching Certification: Association Montessori Internationale
  • Elementary Teaching Certification: Association Montessori Internationale
  • Benicasa Special Education Certification
  • Montessori Applied to Children at Risk: MACAR
  • Orton Gillingham

My Story

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, I found little joy in school as a child and adolescent. Tedium and frustration were part of the daily routine and I learned at an early age that school was something I had to endure rather than embrace.

My first introduction to Montessori and an insight into what education truly could be was when a high school classmate gave me a copy of Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work by E.M. Standing. It changed my life!

Here was a woman who truly understood the nature of children and how best to offer them the world. As a trained scientist, her observations lead her to believe that children learned best in an environment that allowed for freedom of choice and movement; promoted independence and self-motivation; was free from fear of failure; and honored the individuality of the child. Montessori’s love and respect for the child and his potential as a human being inspired me to devote my professional life to continuing her work. It was too late for me to have that experience but I could offer it to as many children as possible.

I have spent forty years as a Montessori educator, both in the classroom and as head of school for several Montessori schools in the Hampton Roads area.  I have had the privilege of working with wonderful colleagues, students and their families. During my tenure as teacher and leader, I have witnessed the success of hundreds of children and shared in their love of school and learning. I have also shared in the disappointment of those parents who could not, for many reasons, give their child the opportunity to participate in a Montessori environment. My passion for making Montessori available to all young children has led me to this point in my career.  The classroom may not be available to every child but the joys and benefits of Montessori can be. Let me show you how!

“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art
of those who aspire to serve the spirit.”

— Maria Montessori, Education for a New World