Why Choose Us?

How are we different from traditional tutoring and franchised centers?

We recognize that a child’s challenges may stem from the lack of a solid foundation during the early formative years. In order for true learning to take place, we first determine the child’s level of understanding as a starting point. Traditional tutoring often is short term and focuses on an immediate problem such as improving a grade in a certain subject or preparing for a test.

We recognize that children learn in different ways. Some are primarily auditory learners, some are visual, some are tactile, but most children learn best from a multi-sensory approach. We use a number of approaches, including MONTESSORI and ORTON GILLINGHAM that engage the use of all the senses through exploration of hands-on teaching materials especially designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. Traditional tutoring often relies heavily on worksheets or text books to teach concepts.

We start the child’s instruction at their own development level. A traditional approach typically starts the student at his grade level rather than his true academic level. We believe that any missing gaps in a child’s understanding and knowledge must first be addressed before advanced skills or concepts can be mastered.

We follow the child’s individual development, abilities and potential. There is no limit to how far a child can progress or advance. Children work at their own pace. Self-motivation, perseverance and a desire to learn can take a child to new heights!

We encourage and promote interactive learning so that a child develops critical thinking skills. Traditional approaches often require the child to be a passive learner, frequently resulting in temporary gains and a dependence on the teacher.